Thursday, June 16, 2011


Bah! :| J called and told he's not coming home tonight coz they have a lot of work. He must work tomorrow morning too. Oh, how i hate his job. He only works and works. And whenever he calls me we can talk abt 20 seconds and then he has another call between. And then he calls me back, we talk another 20 minutes and again he has another call. Annoying. When can i talk to my man without interruption?? And most of the time i call him, he can't talk. That's why i hardly call him when he's at work. If he picks up he usually says he can't talk, but that he'll call back soon. And i am waiting and waiting. I know it's not his fault. He just has such a busy time at work.. and he has a lot of pressure and responsibility too. And he's the greatest workmen i have ever met. So thumbs up! He's awesome! But when i am with him i really wanna feel that he's with me. Whatever we do, he gets work calls all the time. I can't wait when we have our OWN time. With no interruption. That's what i am wishing the most of all!
I am sad he can't come home tonight. I hope he won't work too long tomorrow. I can't wait to be with him!


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