Saturday, October 29, 2011

change of plans

Yesterday night was so crazy! Js work was supposed to end at 11pm and i wanted to go walk there to meet him half way. So i did. But i walked and walked, time passed, but there was no J. :( It was pretty dark so i get a bit scared too. Then i just turned around and started walking back home because it was so late already and J wasnt anywhere. He was waiting me near my dads house, quite angry. He thought i went back to Estonia with my dad. How silly! I wouldnt go away without telling him, besides i would never leave him like that! He was quite mad even though all i wanted to do was to surprise him by going to meet him half way. But came out his workmate drove him home. They had to pass me by car, but none of us saw each others :/ Anyway, but its okay now. J had calmed down and so am i. J told his boss told he can work on Sunday too if he wants, so we are not going home tomorrow, but on Monday morning with the very first ship! I will miss math class tho :/ I hope its okay.
Okay, i am going to watch Hart of Dixie and then E! channel! There are soooo many awesome shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and Kendra and Coco and Ice and soooo much more! I love E! channel!


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