Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sooo cute!

I went to visit the kittens. They were soooo cute! And you have no idea how small they were. So small! Of course i had to choose one which i would like to take home with me on Friday. It was so hard. But i chose the one that i saw first, he was different coz he was sitting on a cat-tree and just looking at me when i first stepped in. The owner said he's the one who likes to be on your lap a lot and wants to be be hold a lot. He also wants to come to your bed at night. Perfect for me when i am alone. I justhope i can give him the best home possible! By the way, he doesn't have a name yet. I need to talk to J and decide how we are going to call our little kitten :)

That's our cutie!

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