Saturday, October 1, 2011


I just noticed i havent updated here for a long time.
The week when J was at home was so great! I felt lik in heaven! He always makes me feel like a pricess. I love being around him.
We did all kinds of fun things. We went to the movies (3 times), we had dinners out many times and we just spent a lot of time together. The weather was very nice too. Sunny and warm. We walked and talked and was a good week!
Now he's back in Finland and i am again counting days till he comes home! I miss him a lot whenever he's away :(  But i'm stong and optimistic. I must be happy that i have so amazing man in my life! he's my everything!
I have been busy with university work. I had to be a "teacher" at art class and PE class. I am so glad these are over. But don't get me wrong, these were both fun ;)
It's weekend now. I came home today because it's my grandpa's 70th birthday! We had a really nice time celebrating his birthday! And oh, i ate so much :D I was joking i was eating so much so i wouldnt have to eat anything upcoming week! Wish it was true! But i know tomorrow i'll be hungry again :P
Anyway, i was just looking old photos.. the first year of uni, meeting J and everything about last year. I feel so blessed! I really love my life:) I'm so incridebly happy i met my Prince Charming. He makes my days complete!

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