Wednesday, October 26, 2011

with my J

Hellooo again! Sandra is happy. So very happy. Why? Because i can be with my Prince every single day. Even though we can spend only the night and the morning together till he goes to work by 3pm, i am still so happy. I just love the feeling of knowing every day that i can see my honey and sleep next to him and wake up still next to him. He's my treasure, my gift! And i am keeping him close to my heart and sole forever!

So, today we woke up before 10am. We had a breakfast and watched tv a bit and then took a bus to the city center. We bought a birthday gift for my dad a little bit more. J bought me two chocolate calendars. I KNOW! I am very childish at that point, but i love chocolate calendars. It's a tradition that my family has always followed. And even though i am not a child anymore, i want to have a chocolate advent calendar every December even when im 50 y.o :D We'll see about that :P
Anyway, he bought me one normal one, where you have just a little piece of chocolate behind every window you are opening. But the other calendar is wayyyy bigger and the treats you have behind every window are way sweeter! For example there are M&M candies, snickers, mars, twix, milkyway, bounty and so on. Yummie stuff! ;)
For there who don't know what a chocolate advent calendar is then i put here a photo of it ;) In this photo all the windows are opened, but actually you open one every day!

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