Saturday, October 29, 2011

the world of tastes

I have been reading some of my fav foodblogs for the last 2 hours i think. I love cooking and i love healthy food. I promised myself that when i am moving in with J i´ll try out some new recipes and cook more heatly food, the ones i like. But to be honest i couldnt imagine how much time cooking actaully takes and how expensive is good food. But i still want to give myself a promise to try out something new every week. At least once a week and if i am good i try to blog about it. And i give myself another promise too, if J is home i really try to be a good girlfriend and house"wife" and cook dinners! I want to try out some interesting recipes! :) Cant wait! I also decided that whenever we do go eat out i´ll always try something new. There are so many wonderful meals and wonderful tastes in the world, i want to try as much of them as possible!
Anyway, as i was reading different blogs, i started thinking of Christmas. I am so looking forward to it! I am right now in Finland and i found the most amazin Christmas decoration lights!!! So many beautiful and not so expensive at all! I know J is not very excited about Christmas, but he promised to let me have a Christmas tree and decorations! I am so happy. I want our home to be cozy and Christmasy! :) I cant wait to bake gingercookies and have loads of mandarines! Yum! I also cant wait till our apartment is totally ready! There isnt much to do anymore, but sometimes seems that little things take the longest. I just hope everything gets ready by Christmas! But to be honest, i cant wait till J and i have our very own home! But i know, we are young and we have no rush! But still..
Oh, thinking about home. I miss Mister Chuck. I wonder how is he doing. J´s brother is looking after him!

I found a recipe of a that delicious soup that i definitely want to try to cook too! It is perfect for cold dark autumn night! Warm and tasty dinner!

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