Monday, October 17, 2011


I am soooo disappointed right now! And mad. I even don't know why i take it so seriously, but c'mon. I don't understand people who talk, talk, talk, but don't DO anything! If you promise to do something, then do it. You have 3 weeks, but you decide to do it in the last minute and then too you think it would be better to wait.. Wtf? Ugh, i am so frustrated. I only want good. I want the best. I wish i lived here alone coz by now the kitchen would be ready! I wouldnt have to wait for the people who promise to do something, but they don't. I really wanted everything to be ready by the time J comes home. I wanted him not to worry about kitchen anymore, i wanted it to be done. Ugh!
But it's not up to me. I gave my best. Today i cleaned the apartment and i am ready for J to come home. I miss him so much!!!!! I cannot wait to see and be with him!
I very hope that we can spend a lootttt of time together. That's the one reason i wanted kitchen to be ready, so he wouldnt have to spend time on that. He needs to rest and he comes home so seldom. I want him to come to his beautiful home where things have got some turns and actions. But no.
I am sorry. But like i said, i can't do anything about it. All i can do is to welcome J with my kisses :)

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