Saturday, October 22, 2011

So good to be!

J is at home and i am having the best time! We have gone to the movies and just out for dinners:) Today we are going to swimming to Kalev SPA and later in the evening we're going to Kohila for the weekend. And on Monday we're going to Finland for a week.
It's so great that J is at home and we can be together. It's always so fun and i just like to be with him, i don't care what we are doing. Just knowing he's here is the best feeling ever!
You never believe how much chocolate J bought me!  SOOO much! Now chocolate is my food for months :D haha.
Yesterday he surprised me by buying me a book called "The Gift" (by Cecelia Ahern). I had eyed it on a bookstore for a long time. Cecelia Ahern is my very favorite writer and all her books are soo interesting! So I'm super happy that i have this book now!
I have been quite sick last few days. I have got cold and it sucks. Two nights ago J woke up about 4am and so did i coz i felt so bad. And J cooked me an early breakfast at 5am :) Ommlet! It was so delicious :) And then around 7am he went to buy me some medicine coz we had none at home and i wasnt feeling the best.
O'boy how lucky i am to have J in my life! He treats me like a princess. And i give my best to treat him like a Prince, because that's who he is! My Prince Charming :)

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