Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my world

Jay went to Finland last night and o'boy how much I miss him. But the good thing is that I can go to Finland on Friday. I was planning to go with the last ship, but since my exam time changed, I can go at 2pm already :) Yay! I really want to be with my boy!
So, I had an exam today which was okay. And tomorrow I'm going to skiing. And after that I gotta clean the apartment and pack my bag. On Friday after the exam I'll come home, eat, take my bag and off I am to the ship harbour to go to Finland where my Prince is waiting for me. And I am going for 2 weeks. How awesome!
Good news. I got two really good books by Nicholas Sparks (I havent read the books yet, but I know these are really good coz all his books are!). These are called "The best of me" and "Safe heaven". Jay bought them to me yesterday :) I'll take these with me when I go to Finland. So, when Jay is working I can read!!!:D I really need to rest and not think about school. Because in February will start a super busy time! I am excited and anxious about it, but at the same time I can't wait till it's over. I just hope I'll enjoy it a lot! :)
Oeh, i think I'll study for Friday's exam a bit, have a cup of tea and a sandwich and watch tv!


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