Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In Finland

Hey yay! I am in Finland with Jay. I thought, why not?! It doesnt matter if i study for my exams in Estonia or in Finland. Maybe only difference is that in Finland i have one big distraction - Jay. But since he works are nights, he sleeps a lot at day time. So, i study while he's sleeping ;) He came to Helsinki to pick me up yesterday. It was soooo good to see him (tho we hadnt seen only for about 17 hours). But I still missed him like crazy! We came to Hyvinkää and we talked and gosh, i love him so much! He was the sweetest today morning. I am so very happy! I know life have ups and downs. And i know right now is a hugeee UP and that's why i want to write about it. Because when a down-day comes, i remember that there are up-days too!!!:) Jay makes my days sooo wonderful!


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