Sunday, January 15, 2012

forgotten food

Oh, oh, oh. I think it was in November when i blogged about the food world of colors and tastes. And i remembered my promise to try out more recipes and to cook more often. Actually i have quite sticked to my promise, my plan. I have been cooking quite a lot. Now i am thinking maybe i should take some photos of the food i make so i would see how my cooking gets better day by day (i really hope it does!) LOL. Well, but today is Jay's turn to cook something delicious to me! He said i only have to pick up the recipe and then we'll go to foodshop to get everything we need for that meal and then he'll cook me. I was a big yay at first, i still am, but i didn't know it was so hard to pick up on recipe. Dear stomach, tell me what you want for late lunch today?! But thankfully there are soooo many amazing food blogs out in the Internet so i am sure i can find something that my stomach would love to get filled with today!
One of my fav food quotes is: "I don't live to eat, I eat to live." It's true. And i find it matters a lot what i actually eat. I love healthy rich food. Different tastes, with a great seasoning. This is one of my feak points. I am sooo bad at seasoning. The food is either too salty or has no taste at all. But i am trying better. Actually i feel i am a lot better at seasoning already. I am growing in the kitchen!

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