Monday, January 16, 2012

cold snowy winter weather

I am still in Finland and I absolutely love how cold and snowy it is here. When i left from Estonia on Friday, it was very windy, snowy and cold there too. But not that cold as right now in Finland. If i go out and I am wearing right clothes that keep me warm, it's just a joy to have a walk in the snow and cold air! I love it :)
It is 4pm right now and Jay's work won't end till 9pm. I have been reading a book and just looking around the Internet. But I think I am going to have a little walk with my iPod! Demi Lovato's album "Unbroken" is my totally favorite right now! :)
Oh, about yesterday! After Jay finished his work we went to the foodshop. I picked up a recipe of one lasagna. So, we bought everything we needed and when we came home Jay cooked a dinner for us (i helped him just a little bit). And it was DELICIOUS! Seriously! I hadnt eaten lasagna for soooo long. So, it was a nice dinner. We decided that we should have lasagna for dinner more often now. Thanfully we made it quite a lot, so we can have it for dinner tonight too! :)
A view to a snowy street in Hyvink√§√§, Finland, at 7pm.

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