Friday, January 6, 2012

on my way back

I am on the ship back to Estonia with Jay. I just ate the whole pack of Kit Kat pop chocs and you can imagine how much i need something to drink now. A juice or a water would be veryyy nice! Anyway, i cant wait till my exams are over!!! Jay is going back to Finland on Monday and then I'll go there on 13th night or he's coming home. It's our little anniversary on 13th - 1 year and 5 months. Jay told me that this time we'll celebrate it a bit, but now i don't know anymore coz we can't even be together. Only at night. Sure, we can celebarte it the next day, but who knows. First i really thought it's going to be fun and special day, but now he has to work and we can't even be together :( But I still hope everything turns out great and it'll be a very very memoriable day!
It's super good to get home and be there with the love of my life!!!!!!!!!! Love him sooo much!

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