Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Strawberries, blueberries, cherries..

I really can't wait for summer season because I miss the taste of my favorite berries. As soon as I go back to Estonia, I'll take the frozen fresh strawberry jam out of my freezer and make stawberry smoothie! Ohh, I cannot wait!!! And I really want some fresh food, salad or something. Whenever I eat too much chocolate or cookies or other sweets, I just need something fresh and healthy!
I finished reading book "Minu Eesti 3" (My Estonia 3) today. It was soooo amazing! I loved every page of it! I cannot wait to read the 4th one (yeah, there will be the 4th one too!). Well, I don't know if I said, but Jay bought me two books written by Nicholas Sparks ("The Best Of Me" and "Safe Heaven"). I took The Best Of Me with me to Finland and I'll start reading this one next!
I still very enjoy walking in the cold snowy weather here in Finland. Love it! But I miss my home already! Especially our big bed! And estonian food! Yeah, Finland is so close, but the food here is crap (sorry!). Most of the food anyway. Not to mention the difference at prices. But we'll get some estonian food soon. Jay's friend is coming here from Estonia, so he'll bring us some!


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