Friday, February 18, 2011

buenos dias!

:) Oh, what a wonderful day! Sun is shining and i am happy. J is here, sleeping like a teddy-bear!
I slept in today morning so i'll go to Tallinn with the next train. I'm going to visit an art museum with Liis. Then i will spend the rest of the day with my J-handsome :)

You know what? I can't wait till the spring has arrived. I want to wear my converse, my new jacket..I am sick of the coldness, ice, coats, scarfs and gloves. I want to see my fav green spring grass! Thankfully i can already hear beautiful birds singing outside and sun is shining..but the snow seems not to melt so soon.
Right now i would like to drive a car through Europe. I truly hope one day i can do that! With J :)

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