Monday, February 28, 2011

O M G - autumn out, winter in.

I was reading my old blog and i just realized that i haven't made a winter list. :| I definitely gotta make that before winter is over!!!
But first i need to write how my autumn list worked out ;)
I'll just copy my autumn list here and put a tick(*) after all these i managed to do/have/feel :)

watch Letters To Juliet * (twice!)
go to the movies to see Step Up 3 and Devil **
read N.Sparks books *
save money * (and also spend it!haha)
take yoga classes
learn Spanish * (completed A1 level in Jan! So proud!)
enjoy uni classes * :)
listen to audiobook The Undomestic Godness *
go to Finland * (twice)
walk in colorful autumn leaves *
make a Spinach lasagna
eat healthy food every day *

a lot of energy *
good grades *
hot tea when it's cold outside * (had hot tea outside too!)
a quality time with my bf ******* :) Every day with J is the best!
a new bag * (ordered from ebay)
a new pair of jeans & a jacket **
a crazy week with Sharon
time try out new recipes *
a sunny and dry autumn (dont remember anymore. LOL)
a special 13th Sept & Oct ** :)

blessed *
loved * so sooo loved!
super happy *
autumn rain drops in my face *
comfy in my fall clothes *
smart *
independent *
confident *

So, that's it. This autumn has been the best in my life i guess. I have never been so happy in my life. I feel very very loved by my bf who is absolutely amazing! I cannot imagine my life without him. He completes me!


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