Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!

*cough-cough* I woke up today morning just to realize that it was 20 C degrees outside. Prrr. I was a good girl and even wore a hat..because i didn't want to get a cold. But now I am sneezing, fighting a runny nose and starting to cough in a very moment. It's not fun at all! I don't like being sick. Who does, tho?!
Anyway, i am so full right now. Let me explain why. So back to the beginning.
On Thursday night J came from Finland and he asked him dad to give him a lift. So, he came to my place for a night! It made me super happy (Thanks, J!). Next morning(on Friday) he went to work and i did all that i had planned ( i didn't go to my granny's tho :S). J came back here after his work was done( by the last train; mom and i had a car crises.. J came and solved the problem! Thanks again, J!). He was so anxious to give me somethong for the V-day already. I got the box of my absolute favorites candies! Delicious:)
Saturday was just soooo good. No planes. The whole day at home. Me gusta! (Only a bit of walking to the shop and back). J and I watched a movie, did our school/work stuff and so on. You have no idea how much i enjoyed a weekend without going out or keeping an eye on a clock. It was so relaxing!
Sunday mornign was so special! It was me and J's 6 months anniversary. We layed in a bed pretty long. Then he told me to stay in bed for about half an hour more. He went to th kitchen and came back with the pasta with tunafish that he had cooked for me. Sooo sweet of him! We had the late breakfast together! And omg, the pasta was sooooo delicious. I loveeeed it!!!!:)
I also gave him a gift that i made for him. It was a scrapbook with the photos of both of us, also some quotes, texts, some cut out stuff and more. I hope he liked it! I made it with alllll my love:) In the evening i also gave him the little Valentine's Day gift. I had made him truffle candies:)
Today morning (Monday) i didn't want to make up. Mostly because i knew J had to go to Finland today :( Thankfully we went to Tallinn together by the same train. He walked me to the tram stop and when i got him he left. But then - surprise - he jumped on the tram too! What a surprice. A Veryyyy good one! I'm glad i got to be with him few minutes longer till the next stop! Then i had to take the bus and go to uni. He went to work.
Uni was fun! On my way back in the train i talked to J on the phone almost the whole time. Yay! Then in Kohila i went to my granny's with my family. And now i am back at home. I just had a dinner (pasta that J made me!). It's just so so good! He's a great cook. O'boy, i miss him!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see him! Thankfully he comes back tomorrow, but then on Wednesday he goes to work to another city, so we probably won't see each other. But i really hope we can be together in the weekend!

Minu sasipea! J-handsome :)

Love is in the air <3

PS! I am talking to Sharon. She's inviting me to her place for next Christmas. I can't wait to see her..and Shawny :):):):)


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