Saturday, February 5, 2011

friendship and more:)

I feel Valentines Day in the air. I am totally ready to face it. Today i posted three gifts to my friends abroad. And i also finished a video for Elisa for V-day. All the gifts to my other friends are waiting in my drawers too. Oh, i love that beautiful time of the year!:) In USA and most of other countries Valentine's Day is mostly meant for couples. But i am so happy in Estonia it's called Friend's Day. So, either you have or don't have a boy/girlfriend at that time, it doesn't matter at all. This is my first time to celebrate V-day when i have a bf:) Sweet!
Okay, a little bit of my recent doings. Uni started on Monday and i already have SO much to do. The subjects seem very interesting this semester, but we've got a lot of projects and home assignments to do. I hope i can stay focused on all the work that needs to get done. Right now it's weekend and im trying to rest a bit too. I couldn't fall alseep very well last night. I was just laying on my bed and thinking and wishing i could sleep, but i didn't. Finally about 4am i fell asleep, and i woke up at 11am. Thank God it's a weekend!=)
I got a nice surprise today! (i LOVE surprises more than anything!). I got a late Christmas gift from Sharon. I got my fav dutch cookies and strawberry bodybutter from The Body Shop. It's my totally fav body products brand. I love it. I didn't have the strawberry one, so i very love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
I am going to have lunch very soon. Dad's making my fav food - ovenbaked salmon with potatoes. And mom's making super delicious cake. I love weekends and lunches/dinners with my family!
I wonder what J is doing right now. I am not brave enough to call him because i have a strange feeling he's still sleeping (though he should be at his granny's). It wouldn't surprise me if he partied too hard and didn't make it there. I guess i'll hear about it later! Well, as long as he had fun yesterday!=)

I am posting here one of my favorite painting by A. Harlamoff.
The Pink Bonnet

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