Thursday, February 17, 2011

long week ahead..

I love Thursday nights..because there's no university on Friday! This week has been so crazy. So many classes as always, but also a lot of waiting.. and missing. I saw J on Tuesday after my dance practice. But he didn't come with me to Kohila coz he has to start to Tartu very early next morning. I was hoping he'd come here last night.. but their work took longer than they thought. And today he told he had to go to the dentist there coz somethign happened to his tooth.. My poor little guy! I was so sad when he told we might not see tomorrow the whole day either.. But thankfully he's coming here tonight( if nothing changes..but let's hope not!). I miss him so much. My sis asked me before how i always want to be with him, dont i get annoyed. How could i?! I love him, and i love every moment i can spend with him!!!!! :)
Anyway, im in the bed now, going to watch Pretty Little Liars from my laptop..and then i'll read the last 3 pages of an art book(then im done with it). And after that i try to sleep..and wait for J :)



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