Monday, February 7, 2011

raspberry jam thief!

Okay, it's very crazy. Mom went to the drama class. Me and my sis were home alone. Upstairs. Around 9pm i heard Bonnie(our dog) barking. Finally he was quiet again. Mom came back and asked who had eaten jam so everything was messy and stick with jam. I said i didn't, Anni said she didn't either. None of us ever went to the kitchen to eat anything..especially raspberry jam. We both swore to God we didn't touch it. But who did??? Mom said she finished cleaning kitchen just before she went to the drama class. And she came back to face the mess. It's very strange. :S The only solution we came up to was that Lizanna came here without us knowing and she wanted a raspberry jam. Yesterday she ate here strawberry jam and told it was her favorite. So, it can be possible that today she came here to eat the same strawberry jam, but she found only raspberry one. But 9pm?! Isn't that too late? I asked Merikan if Lizanna came here today, she said no. But i should have asked if Lizanna was playing outside tonight..Maybe Merikan just didn't know she came here. It's very weird. We gotta lock the doors at day time now too. And im definitely going to check downstairs every time Bonnie barks ;)
Hopefully tomorrow we can ask from Lizanna if she came over here :P


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