Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A quicky.

Days fly by so fast. Not so happy about it..unless these are the days when J is away. Which means right now i like to see days flying. Fortunately, tomorrow's Thursday and J comes back. Yay big time! University is though as always. I love going there (mostly because of my friends), but right now im overloaded with home assignments and i have no idea where to start. (I'll figure it out this weekend). I already made a lonnnnnggg list of things i need to get done with on Friday! Thank God, Firdays are off!
I am planning to go to visit my granny on Friday, too. It's so bad of me that i see my Tallinn granny more often than the one who lives in the same town as i do :/ It's just that i spend most of my days in Tallinn and if i'm at home, i study, watch tv-shows(LOL) or something else that seems to be important at that moment. But i try to be better grandchild. I'll call her tomorrow and ask if she and grandpa will be home on Friday. I need to go to my mom's work, too. And maybe to the library(again!).
Ohhhh, tomorrow's gonna be a longgg day. After uni i have dancing. Gosh, i love dancing. It's my no.1 passion. But the new dance we are learning is pretty hard. I need knee protections, but i forgot to i don't know what i will do in tomorrow's dancing. I deffo can't lean into my knees (we have that in our dance moves). PS! We are learning dance moves from NeYo video "Beautiful Monster".
OKAY! Enough, Sandra!!!!!It's 10.57pm and i need to wash and then go to bed..with my laptop to watch Hellcats:D Ouuyeeesss=D Night!


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