Sunday, February 27, 2011

shining so bright...

4-days-weekend is almost over:( I wouldn't be so sad if J was here. But he's not. He had to go to Finland. It's gonna be tough week for me. I feel so empty when he's not around. But hey, i am a strong girl! I'll be fine. Besides i have soooo much to school work to do so probably time will fly and i'll see him sooner than i thought:)
J and I cooked together yesterday. Well, i think next time i'll let him to that job. Or i'll try just to listen to him more and do everything as he wants. Because in the end he didn't like the food (coz i didn't do as he asked. Lol). I am smarter next time. Anyway, i liked the dinner very much :)
That's how it looked like!

Today morning J went to the train. When i was walking back from the trailway station i was thinking a lot. I was thinking of how much i love J and how much i care of him! It's just crazy, he's totally deep in my heart! <3 I was also thinking of my birthday. It is almost March already, my bday is on 5th Arpil. Not so far anymore. I have no idea how to celebrate it. I so very hope that J is around at that time. Oh, today is such a sunnny day outside. When i was walking it really felt like now the snow is going to melt and i can see green grass soon (and wear converse);) I can't wait! I think i am going to Tallinn with mom and dad soon, although i don't have mood for that really. And my stomach hurts :S

The most romantic candies! J bought them to me yesterday:)

My penpal Margaret sent four of these to me :) Snickers Almonds is so yummie!

Oh, sun is shining so bright that i feel so hot. And my tummy still hurts a lot :S I better go and lay down a little bit.


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