Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sun is setting and I am enjoying the "almost free feeling". I had Finnish exam about an hour ago. I am so eager to know what grade I got. Teacher said she will send us email with the results tonight. I hope she does it fast. 
I wonder how many exams have I taken in my whole life?! The number should be big I suppose because in university we have had quite many exams in these 4 years. I now think that if someone says they have to take an exam it sounds like nothing. But there are actually so many people around us who think of it as a big deal...I mean, if they haven't been to university they might think exam is something very hard and awful and something unusual. But I guess for me it's something that I have really got used to (although I wish exams didn't exsist!).

I am going to Finland tomorrow evening. I cannot wait! I sooo need it. The vacation! And I miss Jay! 
I already packed my bag. I really want to rest and relax in Finland so I will take knitting stuff with me and a book. And my laptop. I still have to watch the latest episodes of Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. I am going to watch them when I am on my way to Helsinki on the boat :)

It's 13th today. I love 13ths of each months because 13 is me and Jay's number :) It's our 2 years and 7 months anniversary today. We surely don't celebrate each month anniversary, but we always keep it in mind and tell each other something extra nice at that day :):) 

I started thinking today about how long I have been blogging. It should be my blog's 4th birthday soon (some time in spring..I gotta check out the date of my first post). I have been blogging in English ever since I started blogging, but I am thinking now that maybe I should start blogging in Estonian instead. It's just a thought though...but I am considering it. I think it would be nice to write in my mother tongue for a while. I might still write a little abstact in English. Hmm...I will think about it..

Anyway, I am off to the kitchen to cook a dinner (chicken and boiled root vegetables). After that I want to watch Home and Away and start knitting a new sock :)

I found these awesome guys looking at me :D And now they are looking at you too!

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