Friday, March 8, 2013

Women, it's our day!

Sun is shining and snow is melting. I can taste spring in the air! Lovely! It's Women Day today! I hope all men are spoiling their wives/girlfriends today! 
I am home alone right now. Jay went to meet his dad and I am waiting Amanda. She's a stundent in 2nd grade and I give her private lessons every Friday.

It has been so great when Jay has been home. We haven't done anything special yet. We wanted to go to the movies, but there just isn't anythin interesting. Where are all good movies??
Anyway, we have still had such a great time together! The other day Jay bought me yellow tulips! I love these! I have been cooking every evening and yesterday we played Scrabble. We might be playing it tonight again.
I really hope today is going to be a wonderful day :)
Beautiul flowers!
 Strawberry and pear salad! Delicious snack after dinner!
Scrabble - I won!

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