Sunday, March 10, 2013

a cup of peach tea :)

I got a letter from Rebecca yesterday. I am so glad we still keep in touch. I think of these three days we spent together in Tallinn a lot! We had soo much fun! I am glad I got a new very awesome freind! So, I got a letter from her yesterday which was totally surprising..I didn't know she was sending one. But it was a great surprise! With the long letter she also sent me three tea bags that are her favorite! So, when I woke up today morning it was sunny and surely I needed a good breakfast. So, I had one of the teas she sent me (Perfect Peach herb tea - one of her favorite!). It really was sooo good! I love peach tea! Here we don't have these brands she sent me, so I am very glad I am able to try the ones she has in USA. I especially like that the tea I was drinking today didn't have any caffeine in it. It means it's okay if you drink it before going to bed because you can still sleep well! Awesome! Who knows me better knows that I love tea!!! :) Surely Rebecca knows me. We just talked sooo much in these 3 days and we really have a lot in common! I am going to send her a letter tomorrow with a little extra in there :)

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