Sunday, March 3, 2013


It snowed soo much last night. It's really white otuside At least the snow is very soft and pretty. But I still want it to melt. Lol. It was so good to wake up today because I knew I didn't have to go anywhere. So, I slowly woke up and got myself out of the bed. Then I had a slice of my mom's bread for breakfast with tea. After that I decided to do some university stuff and then I read few articles. Since I had no milk at home, I went to the shop close to my apartment. I was also testing my new boots out in the snow :D They worked so well in that coldness and snow! (oh yeah, it's pretty cold outside!). So, I ended up buying milk, tomatoes and a pack of cashews. At home I made porridge for lunch. Then I read a book. Later I danced, did some workout, took a shower and then I read little fairtytale book that Jay bought me from Finaland :) It's a good way to practice Finnish and improve my Finnish vocabulary. 
I am thinking of Tuesday non-stop because I want Jay to come home already!!! 
I hope tomorrow goes quickly! I am waiting...


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