Friday, March 1, 2013

It's March!!!!! (:

It's 10.40am. I woke up, made myself a porridge for breakfast and came to my laptop. As I was on facebook I saw many updates about March - the first spring month! I am very excited. I love spring so much! If I see the first green grass I wanna sing of the joy. The best feeling is when I wake up in the morning and the sun is shining!!! I felt the warm windbreeze the other day! I am sure it was spring breeze! :)
Since I have this spring excitement and feeling inside of me, I have been making a really good "Early spring" salad every day for lunch! It's made of boiled egg, canned tunafish, avocado, cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese. The texture of it isn't the pretties, but trust me the taste IS ! 
Salad is almost ready. It just needs a little mixing.

And now the salad is ready to be eaten! So delicious!

I made these little knitted socks for my greataunt's daughter's baby - Grittel :)

It's so good it is Friday today. It means no university, and just time for myself! I actually will teach a little girl for 1,5 hours today. And after that I will meet my mom in Viru shopping center and we'll go shopping, to the cinema and then to Kohila. I cannot wait to hung out with mom and just relax! I also cannot wait to see Bonnie and the cats! :) I miss them all!!! Tonight will be a good night because Bonnie will sleep in my bed! I love my dog sooooo much!
We will go to visit little Grittel tomorrow. Then I can give her the little socks I made for her (not that she really understands who I am or what I am giving her.LOL).
Well, I am happy to see right now that the sun is shining again and the sky is blue. I cannot wait till the snow is melted and the spring is finally here! 

Morning starts with a porridge and butter!

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