Friday, March 8, 2013


My fiance is not a big fan of different traditions. It's a bummer because I am the opposite - I love traditions because I think that if we follow these our life is much more interesting! I love Christmases, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easters...and of course Women Day! :) Even though Jay is not a huge fan of these he still celebrates them with me. He just knows how much it means to me! And I really appreciate it! 
So, today he surprised me with red and purple tulips!!!! Purple is my favorite color and tulips are my favorite flowers. But I have never had purple tulips before. Jay just knows me so well!!! He also got me lots of sweets (again he knows me too well...I am his shocoholic!). He was also kind enough to go to the movies to watch a romantic drama with me. We watched "Upside down". I discovered this movie today evening and thought it would be nice to see it. So, we went to the cinema. Jay surly wasn't very impressed by it, but I quite enjoyed the movie. I hadn't seen a true romantic story for a while.
Now Jay and I decided we both get our own things done and by 10pm we are both in the bed watching tv. He's in his laptop playing some games right now and I am blogging. I also need to brush my teeth and check my email before I am ready to tune everything out and have some quality tv watching with Jay :)

My favorite flowers from my favorite man! :)
 I am a herkkusuu (it's a Finnish word for somebody who really loves sweets!)
It's the movie Jay and I went to see.

PS! It seems like every time I blog how sunny and wonderful the weather is, it changes completely! It started snowing today evening! :/

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