Saturday, March 9, 2013

life is beautiful

Life is beautiful. And life helds beautiful things for us!
I am truly happy that I have so wonderful man in my life! There ain't a better one for me!
When Jay left back to Finland tonight I was so sad. Like always. But like always he called me when he was in a boat and we talked for an hour. I know it sounds crazy because we spent days together and we got to talk so much. But seems we just have so much to talk! We really talked a lot of important things.. our plans. I am so excited about everything because I know it'll go just the way we want. I just hope everything we want will happen as soon as we want. I think we both need a little change. We need things to get steady and stable. We need each other every day! 
Anyway, I put this cheerful photo here because it's so bright and colorful and it helds so many hopes and dreams. I cannot wait till summer. But there are more things to wait for in between - next Thursday for a start. I am going to Finland for a week then! I also wait spring, sunny weather, my birthday, and lots of things. Mostly I just want to be with Jay and I hope our dreams will come true together!

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