Monday, March 11, 2013


It's 2pm, I am sitting besides my desk and enjoying the sun that's coming through the window. Yes, it's another sunny day! Whenever I wake up in the morning and see that sun is shining it automatically brightens up my day! Some of my friends have called me SunShine. Probably with a reason :) 
I had to be in university by 9.30am today. We had a presentations day. Before the speech I was nervous like always. But when I was in front of the class and talking about my master research I was very confident and not nervous at all! :) In my group were only 10 people, so it went pretty fast. Before going home, I stopped by at the post office to send a package to Rebecca. 
At home I had a cup of tea because I was pretty cold. Eventhough it's sunny outside, it's still cold - right now -7 C degrees. So, I drank another tea that Rebecca sent me. It's probably my favorite tea now! So delicious! 
The sun gives me energy and somehow I got inspirational. I started reading some articles in English about reading and motivation and other topics that are connected to my research. I found pretty many interesting articles that I can use! That made me happy. I already wrote some things down. Thanfully I have quite a bit time to write it.
Like I said I am enjoying the sun right now. And eating pomelo :) I am going to Finnish course by 4pm. It's my last class before the test. I studied for the test quite a lot yesterday. I will definitely study tomorrow too. I am actually going to teach at Rocca al Mare school tomorrow and on Wednesday. So, I have pretty busy two days ahead! Well, if the weather keeps getting warmer and warmer, I have even more reason to be happy :)

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