Tuesday, March 12, 2013


My grandpa has had photography as his hobby for his whole life. When my mother was younger my grandpa always made mom and her sister to dress up and go to the basement where was grandpa's "photostudio". He always put there different objects (flowers, chairs ect) and took photos of my mom and her sister. They developed the photos in the bathroom in red light. I think it's so magical when the photo slowly appears to the paper. When I was very young my grandpa still developed photos in his bathroom. And I have seen how it works for a few times. I have so good memories of it! :)
So, obviously my mother has tons and tons of photos of her childhood. I know some people who don't have many photos of their parents and larger family, but my grandpa took photos in every event and every day! And of course I have soooo many childhood photos too. My mom has taken so many photos of my and my sisters. I really appreciate it because I truly love looking at these. It's true that photos capture a moment that's gone forever. Thanks for the photos we can remember special moments forever. 
Even now whenever we have somebody's birthday and grandpa is there too he takes lots of photos and later sends them to our email :) 
I guess I am like my grandpa and mom. I also like to take photos, get them developed and put them to the photoalbum. I have so many full photoalbums. And once in a while I just look the photos I have in there :) I am happy that my children can one day see photos of their parents and we can tell them about what happened when the photo was taken. 
Photopoint.ee is very generous because it's their birthday. So, 10 000 first clients can get 21 photos developed for free :) All you need to do is to get your free code from their facebook page. I did that and I am eager to send in the order. But because so many people is ordering at the same time their website is very slow. I better wait for few days. The code expires on 22nd March. So I have time enough to figure out which photos I want to get developed and maybe I can take some new photos in these when I am in Finaland.
Well, in the end I am going to put a photo that my grandpa sent me today via skype. He took it while travelling with grandmom...they like driving around Estonia and visiting different manors. Grandpa takes photos of everything they visit :) Every time I go to their place I can see what interesting places they hav visited. 

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