Friday, March 15, 2013


I was checking my email so many times on Wednesday night. I was waiting an email for my Finnish teacher with the exam results. Well, I got her email on Thursday morning - I got A :) Yay! That made me so happy :) I knew then that I can totally enjoy my vacation in Finland! I arrived to Helsinki at 9.30pm yesterday. Then I took a train to Hyvinkää. Jay just came from his work. But what sucked was the fact that he had to do a double shift..which meant he just let me in, had a sandwich and went want to work :/ Night shift! I was quite sad because I really wanted to be with him. But thanfully I was so tired that I just went to the bed and fell asleep so qucikly.
Right now I am at my dad's. Jay is at work. I am so glad he has next two days free :) My mom and sister are coming to Hyvinkää tomorrow too. We will probably hung out with them too! Mom is coming just for the weekend, but my sis will stay longer. We will go shopping together! And eat all the goods sweets - Dumble donuts!!!!!
It's 9pm already and I am craving for a good breakfast! :P Gotta wait till morning!


  1. Thank you so much for your comment :)
    And I'm so sorry you hardly can understand what I am writing about. But on the sidebar of my blog you can find a translate button where you can select nearly any language you want to translate my texts to. :)
    I'm also glad to read, you like my pictures.


  2. You're welcome! I didn't know about that translationg button. That's nice, I will use it now on :)
    Keep blogging! :)